The Children of Children enjoyed a limited off-broadway run at the Bleecker Street Theater from early December 2008 through April 2009.

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The story of one father who refuses to divorce his kids.

Madmen and Dreamers' The Children of Children is the gripping, emotional tale of one of the greatest unaddressed issues of our time. If you haven't been through it, you know someone who has. It is a story of survival and growth and ultimate triumph.

Critically acclaimed on the web and in print, this independent release by Madmen and Dreamers has been nominated for Album Of The Year, had a single nominated for Record Of The Year and gained unheard of global radio play in both web and terrestrial FM.

Lyrics and Music by Mark A. Durstewitz and Christine Hull

Book by Mark A. Durstewitz, Christine Hull and Ovi Vargas

Directed by Ovi Vargas

Performed by Madmen and Dreamers


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