Story: Mark A. Durstewitz, Christine Hull & Mario Renes

Music: Durstewitz/Renes/Hull

Lyrics: Mark A. Durstewitz & Christine Hull

The world's supply of clean, fresh water is stretched dangerously thin. In many parts of the world, it is already an issue of being able to pay for this life sustaining liquid. Those who can't, are left to drink whatever they have to in order to surv ive.

We are artists and parents who are extremely concerned for the future of the Earth's children and grandchildren because we see in their faces, the faces of our own children. And, as artists are society's immune system, we have chosen this medium to sound our alarm.



Water is the new oil and in the not-too-distant future, a single farm in New York State sits atop the last clean, freshwater aquifer in North America.

When Will and Demi return from the desert west after The Great Los Angeles Fire, Sophia's farm is a beautiful refuge from their dangerous and painful journey east. Green hills and rolling fields of crops greet them as Demi's mother tells them that her home is now their home.

What she doesn't tell them however, is that someone had his sights set on her land and the water beneath it. And he'll stop at nothing to get it.

Will meets this mysterious man first due to his connection with a brilliant, young engineer tasked with the job of creating a machine capable of reaching extremely deep aquifers in the hope of supplying badly needed water to both people and crops. What neither of them realize is that this man has an ulterior motive rooted in a terrible secret from a past that he and Sophia once shared.

This song, Consequences, opens the show.

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Written by MADurstewitz and CBHull (Madmen and Dreamers)

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