"This story should be told to every generation."

Trutti Gasparinetti, New York City

"I was totally blown away, this is an Opus Magnus. It's a passionate, moving, provocative work of sheer brilliance. Whoever hears this will be completely hooked . . ."

- Jason Grant, promoter/producer, Creative Director of St. George's Playhouse

"I do recall that - among many things - I found myself, during the performance, "reminding" myself (as it were) that what you've essayed to do is marry operatic form with rock/theatre. I.e., you are attempting - successfully, in my view - to allow the audience to be carried along by music and what music conveys. Or, putting it another way, you did not feel compelled constantly to illustrate (scenes/sets) or dictate (lyrics/book) but rather to let the arguments (in the 17th-c. use of the word) convey themselves gradually so that we, the audience, could reflect on them. Indeed, the message of your piece, "The Children of Children," is profound - not lightweight - and therefore deserves a full treatment both on stage and - perhaps more significantly - in the audience's minds.
Furthermore, your use of recurring musical themes and motifs reminded us of the interweaving of the various elements of the story. In Musical Theatre, this is sometimes called "reprise" - Wagner called them "leading motifs" - neither of these terms describes the structure of "C. of C." exactly, but they do approximate part of the compositional approach.
Lastly, this works "dares" to allow the audience time for reflection. In our current, 13-second MTV quick cuts world, finding a work that allows the audience to move measuredly through time is rare and welcome. Shakespeare knew the value of having important events unfold in the audience's minds - off stage, as it were - and in "Children of Children," we are allowed to ponder the very depths of these people's concerns and how we are affected by families and circumstances. There is much to be said for being carried by the flow of music, "letting it wash over us," as it were, and not feeling compelled to "show" the audience something every minute but rather trusting that they will be moved far better and more richly if they experience the piece in a genuine time frame."

David Arthur Bachrach (via email after a show)

“Wow...very ambitious and quite a production. I’m impressed.”

Vinny Tabone, Sony Music

“It may be one of the most memorable, timely and potentially
influential pieces of artful commentary to come along in some time.”

Gerald Rowles, PhD Founder, Dads Against The Divorce Industry

"The Children of Children is a must hear, must see and we salute Madmen and Dreamers for their artistic and social creativity."

- Bert Gagnon, Musictogousa.

". . . wow or phew is quite appropriate, we have something special here."

- European Progressive Rock Reviews

" . . . this has the same dramatic feel of some of Andrew Lloyd Webber's famous works, Jesus Christ Superstar is the one that comes to mind. "

- Stephanie Sollow, ProgressiveWorld.net

" . . . no trace of self-indulgent virtuosism, only serious musicianship."

- Aquatarkus

"What an outstanding effort . . ."

- Dave Chaimson, Sonic Foundry

"The album is a classic."

- Jon Yarger, progradio.net

"Disc 1 is now in 'heavy rotation' in my car. . . Rock on-- "

- Scott Cann, Superdups

"Wow, the scope of your work is remarkable! It is epic in proportion. Congratulations on the accomplishment. Clearly this work should be seen."

- Ken Freeman, The Red Room Consortium in New York City


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